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Not just a bicycle seat, but a real new look at sitting on a bike! New in europe.......ISM will feel the difference....ask your doctor why!

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On this site you'll see our seatcollection. Why a ISMseat?
Because Steve Toll is one of the few people with that many guts to start thinking about how a seat should be. He threw aboard everything that makes a seat look good and what you should expect from a seat. He studied how someone sits on a bicycle and how a seat can hurt. As one of the first he took researches, that report that there is a higher chance of impotance by sitting on a wrong seat, seriously. To be short, he looked where a seat should give pressure and where it should not. These seats are not beauties but that isn't the essence of these seats. The result are seats that show a perfect result at the "bloodflowtest", done by THE seatspecialist Dr. F. Sommer.

In the United States already a big succes by fanatic bikers, and now also for sale in the Netherlands.

TIP: Look also at or Here you'll find more info and links to other publiced pieces and medical reports.